Aimasi Masjidil Haram

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Galleri Foto Haji

A green land in a desert
Abu Bakr Al Siddiqi Mosque in Madinah
Aerial view of Makkah
Al Masjid al Haram (Grand Mosque)
Al Masjid al Haram at night
Al-Miqat Mosque (Aaba Ali)
Al-Rahmah Mountain in Arafat
Black Stone in the Holy Mosque
Casting of the Jamarat stones at the Jamarat pillar

City of tents, Mina
Distributing Zamzam water
Door of the Kaaba
Dressing for Ihram
Friday's noon prayer at Haram in Makkah
Gate of Makkah (from Jeddah)
General view of Jeddah
Government buses transporting pilgrims to Makkah
Hajj route
Haram during peak season
Hira Cave
Hira cave

Information booths for guiding the people who are lost in Mina
Jannat al-Baqi'
Jeddah's Corniche
Kaaba in the Grand Mosque
Khaif Mosque in Mina
King Fahd Road
King Fahd's Fountain, Jeddah
Layout of Al-Masjid Al-Haram
Location of Miqats
Map of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (no hot links)

Mechanically operated Teflon umbrellas in the inner courtyard of the Prophet's Mosque
Mina tent city at night
Ministry of Communications and IT building, Riyadh
Movement of pilgrims towards Mina
Muslim population by regions
Namirah Mosque in Arafat during noon prayer
Number of pilgrims between 1995 and 2004
Outline Map of Holy City of Makkah
Panoramic view of Haram in Makkah
Panoramic view of the Prophet's Mosque, the Plaza and the Baqi' Cemetery
Circumambulation of Kaaba

Percentage of Muslim population of the world
Pilgrim in state of Ihram
Pilgrim reading the Holy Quran
Pilgrims arriving by air
Pilgrims arriving on top of Al-Rahmah Mountain in Arafat
Pilgrims at Arafat
Pilgrims circumambulating Kaaba
Pilgrims performing Sa'y
Pilgrims praying
Pilgrims praying in front of Kaaba
Pilgrims' terminal in King Abdulaziz Int'l Airport
Policeman directing the traffic in Makkah

Prophet's Mosque in Madinah
Quba' Mosque in Madinah
Red Crescent ambulances in Mina
Riyadh Television Tower
Roads connecting Mina to Makkah through tunnels
Roads in Makkah
Sa'y between Safa and Marwah
Schematic Kaaba
Southern corner of Kaaba (Yamani corner)
Station of Ibrahim (Maqam Ibrahim)
Thawr mountain

The Ghamama (Cloud) Mosque in Madinah
The Grand Mosque
The Holy Qur'an Printing Complex in Madinah
The Holy Rawdah in the Prophet's Mosque
The Jamarat Bridge during off season
The Jamarat Bridge during peak hours
The Kiswah
The Late King Fahd laying the foundation stone of Umm Al-Qura University in the Holy City of Makkah
The Ministry of the Interior building in Riyadh
The modern fire-resistant and air-conditioned tents in Mina
The Prophet's Mosque in Madinah with surrounding Plaza
The room where the Prophet and two of his companions are buried

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